Little tidbits

Every single time I eat a Hacks lozenge, I tell myself, “Don’t bite, just leave it in your mouth to dissolve. It tastes better this way”. And every single time, after a few minutes, I bite it into many small pieces and eat it.


Zerg for Starcraft 2 was announced today. HAPPY TIMES.


What :

I’m playing on the Wii – Super Paper Mario
I’m watching on Youtube right now : Happy Tree Friends
Book I’m reading : Thief of Time (Terry Prachett)
Major homework I’ve yet to complete : book report (1k-1.5k words)


Also, the emo-ness of several people have gone up, based on their blogs.



Wow today was Christmas and I was quite forced to go to a really quite boring Christmas party (no offense to the host) and ate a small lunch because I had just eaten a large breakfast and while I was there I alternated between drinking Coke, playing Pokemon and staring into outer space but I then again I was used to this and got through it without much (if any) complaint although I guess my ego could have altered my memory and changed my perception of my patience but anyway I digress as I was saying right after the 3 hour wait my mum asked if we should go to BSC to ask about the Wii (which is kind of a long story but basically we’re looking for a ‘special’ type of Wii which can play ‘special’ games and it so happens that the game store in BSC might have one of the very few in Malaysia) and when we got there I had some orange juice and then we went to the shop and lo they had 2 sets left at an extremely inflated price (though now that I think of it it really wasn’t too bad) but with an extra set of controllers and 13 free games so my dad (bless him) bought it on the spot and we brought it home and set it up and so now I have something fun to do until school starts up next week but anyways this has been a rather great Christmas so yeah Merry Christmas to anyone who even bothers to read this and congratulations on reading so far into a paragraph which doesn’t even have a comma let alone a full stop and which probably violates a hundred grammatical rules but I’m finding it hard to sleep so why not be hyper?