The Small Guide to Sejarah

So, I’ve been studying Sejarah almost exclusively for the past 10 days. Over those days I’ve written down a few random notes about Sejarah. These notes aren’t important stuff like the faktor, cara and kesan which are very important; they’re more obscure and useless stuff. Still, it might come in handy, so here’s the notes I’ve written down. Enjoy.

It's pretty sparse, and information-less, no?
Form 4, Chapter 1

To download the whole set, click here.

If that doesn’t work, click here, but use the above one if you can. Thanks.

Strange Things I Noticed

The best time to meet the people in your neighbourhood is during a blackout. I am not the only person in KL with a DS and Mario Kart. Also, when Tenaga Nasional says power will be restored in 3 hours, it usually takes longer. Ours came back in 2.

Both KDU and Cempaka are celebrating their 25th year this year! KDU college first opened in 1983, and if I’m not mistaken has I think 2 schools institutions of learning in Malaysia and one in China. Cempaka opened their first school in 1983 also, and now has 4. (I think)

Not having Powerpoint sucks when you’re supposed to do a presentation via .ppt. Why are people so insistent about using Powerpoint anyways when its not really that good of a visual tool in learning? Oh, and OpenOffice, while free, is still pretty sucky.

Studying history in Malay makes even the Punic Wars feel like studying… um- Sejarah. Sigh.

I have about 10 minutes to complete my Moral homework before class starts tomorrow. Once again, I left the textbook in school.