How to save yourself some time

It’s surprising how many people in Malaysia don’t use RSS feeds to check stuff. Since in an a usual teenager’s internet life, checking through blogs is about 50% of the time spent in a browser (other 50% is spent on social networks -.-), this is a tutorial on using RSS feeds to check all your favourite blogs from one website (so you can spend your time looking at people profiles instead).

Step 1 : Find a RSS reader/startpage. The one I use is called Netvibes.

Step 2 : Sign up for an account.

Step 3 : Search for a button which says “Add feeds”, or something similar to that.

Step 4 : Here’s the iffy part. Search the blog you want to read for an RSS feed or an XML feed. As a shortcut : for Blogger blogs the url you should enter into the box is


Like mine :

Step 5 : Press save, then close edit.

Now, just by checking Netvibes, you can see all posts made on the blogs you are tracking. Also, when a new blog post comes up, it is very noticeable. Now there’s no need to look through blogs with horrible backgrounds and music anymore.