Strange Things I Noticed

The best time to meet the people in your neighbourhood is during a blackout. I am not the only person in KL with a DS and Mario Kart. Also, when Tenaga Nasional says power will be restored in 3 hours, it usually takes longer. Ours came back in 2.

Both KDU and Cempaka are celebrating their 25th year this year! KDU college first opened in 1983, and if I’m not mistaken has I think 2 schools institutions of learning in Malaysia and one in China. Cempaka opened their first school in 1983 also, and now has 4. (I think)

Not having Powerpoint sucks when you’re supposed to do a presentation via .ppt. Why are people so insistent about using Powerpoint anyways when its not really that good of a visual tool in learning? Oh, and OpenOffice, while free, is still pretty sucky.

Studying history in Malay makes even the Punic Wars feel like studying… um- Sejarah. Sigh.

I have about 10 minutes to complete my Moral homework before class starts tomorrow. Once again, I left the textbook in school.

Another Year, Another Class

Form 4.

There are 3 streams in my school (KDU) which Form 4’s get to join. Pure Science (Bio + Chem + Phy), Sub-Science (Pys/Bio + Chem + Accounts/Economics) and Humanities (Econ + Commerce + Accounts/Art). And somehow, our school decided : from 9 Form 3 classes, we are to squeeze everyone into 7 classes this year : 3 PS, 2 SS and 2 HU.

Wtf? How will that work?

Surprisingly, there was even left over spaces in some classes. But anyways, first thing in school was to get to the hall and wait for streaming. So we entered at 8 and sat and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

30 minutes of waiting later, Mrs. Chan (principal) enters the hall. And proceeds to explain the entire streaming system. WHICH WAS ALREADY EXPLAINED 6 DAYS AGO. AND TOOK 40 MINUTES TO EXPLAIN. Let me just say that shoestrings are extremely good boredom-relievers.

Another 20 to merely organize students into groups based on results. Sigh. Finally When that was done, break time! And Mrs. Chan had a surprise for us. It seems they replaced our old canteen operator with a new one (probably because of out complaints last year (one case of maggots in rice D:)) which would hopefully be much more efficient. Oh, and they changed the system of lining up for food, which would create less chaos (last year’s canteen was like a third-world country village when everyone is starved and people start throwing food from helicopters).

Long story short, the new canteen operators sucked, the cashiers were inefficient, the line was slower than a turtle in a puddle of glue and the food was more expensive and in less quantity. A case of ‘the grass in greener on the other side because someone painted it green.’

Then back in the hall, we finally were sorted into our classes. I got into Pure Science ^.^ But there was something unique this year as my class is actually made of 17 PS students and 12 Sub-Science (Physics) students to make a mixed class.

So yes, there will actually be literally two different classes of students in 4 Mozart. This should be interesting.