• New Year is here. I don’t feel any different.
  • Team Fortress 2 is perhaps one of the best games ever.
  • I have a headset, which I probably won’t use.
  • School starts in 32 hours.
  • As of this post I have 9 unread messages across various mail accounts.
  • Form 4 sounds like hell.
  • I’ve got a new calculator.
  • National Treasure 2 is exactly the same as NT1.
  • I have only 50GB left on my computer.
  • Sleepy.
  • My lamp looks like Pixar’s lamp.
  • Roffle means ROFL.
  • This is the 12th statement.
  • If you counted to check for correctness, you’d be right.
  • Good night.

Education Concerns

As it stands now, it seems like my PMR results are going to be quite useless. Oh, if you didn’t know, got 6A’s and a B (for BM). I probably didn’t live up to expectations, but I’m fine with it, and anyone’s who’s disappointed, well too bad for you.

Anyways, it seems my parents would like to send me overseas, or at least to a different school in order for me to do my O-levels or an equivalent. And here’s the dillema : One, I go overseas to a school where I can have top-class O-level education, and transition to A-levels. Two, I switch to a school somewhere here in Malaysia which has O-levels. Or three, I stay in the national syllabus and take my SPM.

Actually, this is a trilemma, not a dilemma. -.-;


Wow today was Christmas and I was quite forced to go to a really quite boring Christmas party (no offense to the host) and ate a small lunch because I had just eaten a large breakfast and while I was there I alternated between drinking Coke, playing Pokemon and staring into outer space but I then again I was used to this and got through it without much (if any) complaint although I guess my ego could have altered my memory and changed my perception of my patience but anyway I digress as I was saying right after the 3 hour wait my mum asked if we should go to BSC to ask about the Wii (which is kind of a long story but basically we’re looking for a ‘special’ type of Wii which can play ‘special’ games and it so happens that the game store in BSC might have one of the very few in Malaysia) and when we got there I had some orange juice and then we went to the shop and lo they had 2 sets left at an extremely inflated price (though now that I think of it it really wasn’t too bad) but with an extra set of controllers and 13 free games so my dad (bless him) bought it on the spot and we brought it home and set it up and so now I have something fun to do until school starts up next week but anyways this has been a rather great Christmas so yeah Merry Christmas to anyone who even bothers to read this and congratulations on reading so far into a paragraph which doesn’t even have a comma let alone a full stop and which probably violates a hundred grammatical rules but I’m finding it hard to sleep so why not be hyper?

If you had three wishes?

What would you wish for if you had three wishes?

World peace?

More wishes?

True love?

Perfect health?


But really, I’m content and selfish enough that I wouldn’t wish for any of those. I think I’d just save them for a rainy day, so that I can live my life knowing if things go drastically wrong it can be righted easily.

Oh fine, I’d go for that and world peace.

A King’s Throne

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to a tour of epic proportions. Today, you will get the chance to see a truly magnificent wonder, one of the Seven Wonders of the World*. And if you look on your right, just past that pyramid, it’s about to come in to view…

Stop the bus please.

Now look closely at the conveniently placed number signs. At Number 1, we have a cozy jar of water, ready for use at anytime. You can just imagine how useful a jug of water is beside a table, not ever getting thirsty.

Now numero duo, and we see a handphone. A Sony Ericsson** W850i, easily accessible should a message/call arrive. Then of course, number 3, a computer screen, which is rather useless. As is number 4. Number 5 is a miracle of modern engineering, a magnificent wooden desktop, made by the exclusive and extremely expensive designers Ikea. You can only imagine how much this is worth these days, almost priceless***.

Now number 6, a book.


At 7, we have a holding device that complements the first machine, designed solely for its purpose to hold liquified dihydrogen monoxide.

Eight is the best game ever****.

At number 9, we have probably the most pathetic item on the structure, a mere hundred dollar gaming mouse. That’s right folks, he only spent a mere hundred dollars, and considering the pricelessness***** of the other artifacts, it only makes you wonder why the owner even placed it there in the first place.

Finally, at number te- i mean zero, a comfortable chair. A real nice touch to the scenery.

Well, i hope you folks enjoyed the tour. Sorry, no refunds.

* Seventh from the bottom.
** Not sponsored by them. Really.
*** Literally.
**** Still not sponsored.
***** Yes, priceless. Figure it out.