Gmail does a really good job of blocking spam. But it has failed me today >:(

Dear Sir,

We are working with North-based local miners’ of gold. We‘re looking for very different buyers of gold (Au-metal) which is available for immediate and outright sale to any serious buyer(s) or agent; or partners.

From late last year’s mining activity; we have available for sale:

Commodity: Aurum Utallum (Au)

Form :    Gold Dust

Purity :    92.7% Minimum Value

Fineness  : 22+ carats

Origin :     Sierra Leone

Price :      $18,500 per kilo

Assay : Final Assay to be made at and by Buyer’s chosen Refinery and this value will accepted by both Buyer and seller.

If you’re interested, we’re ready and willing to sale and enter into long term business relationship / partnership for mining or constant supply agreement.

We offer Au Metal – Gold (Dust). We are working with the local people and assure our buyers/ agent/partners of steady supply of at least four (4) times in a year supply; and as such we can comfortably enter long term supply contracts with any buyer / agent/ partner.

We’re open to options and conditions for fair and open business transaction, get in touch with us if you’re interested and needs more details.

Contact us for more details regarding condition of sale /partnership / supply contract respectively.

Waiting to hear from you.


Yours faithfully,

E.F. Bobor.

So. If anyone needs gold dust… yeah.

Ow, Injury

Story: I went to use my parent’s toilet to wash my hands after eating delicious brownie. The sink area is quite wet, so as I stepped over a puddle of water, my leg slipped forwards and hit against the edge of the sink cupboard. I was like, “Ouch! That’s gonna leave a big swelling,” but my parents in the room were quite panicky. They thought I hit my head or something :/

Anyways, it felt like crap at the start, then the pain wasn’t actually too bad. Then when I rested it actually got worse for a while before suddenly disappearing. Pain is strange that way.

Here’s two pictures:

It wasn't as bad as I though. Also, thank you fibrin and fibrinogen!
It wasn't as bad as I though. Also, thank you fibrin and fibrinogen!
It's a pretty bad swelling though.
It's a pretty bad swelling though.

Quite a silly post I reckon. But here’s a little game to cheer you up:

Spot the moth!
Spot the moth!

And here’s a few lines of emptiness to prevent a spoiler of the answer.

Actually, it’s not that blank. Hmm.

*drum roll*

Now do you see the moth?
Now do you see the moth?

Oh, Brother!

Yesterday I was studying on the sofa-bed outside my room. From that vantage point, it’s possible to hear Jiann Lee shouting out stuff while playing DotA. He is really loud.

  • Han Jun, let’s have sexy time again!
  • Damn imba baby!
  • Guys, victoooorrrrrryyyyyy!
  • Wah Han Jun you’re DPS god la.
  • Ok I got my bowl of Maggi Mee, I’m ready to own!
  • Oh my god all my fish died!

It’s a good view into the mind of a typical brash gamer.