Strange Things I Noticed

The best time to meet the people in your neighbourhood is during a blackout. I am not the only person in KL with a DS and Mario Kart. Also, when Tenaga Nasional says power will be restored in 3 hours, it usually takes longer. Ours came back in 2.

Both KDU and Cempaka are celebrating their 25th year this year! KDU college first opened in 1983, and if I’m not mistaken has I think 2 schools institutions of learning in Malaysia and one in China. Cempaka opened their first school in 1983 also, and now has 4. (I think)

Not having Powerpoint sucks when you’re supposed to do a presentation via .ppt. Why are people so insistent about using Powerpoint anyways when its not really that good of a visual tool in learning? Oh, and OpenOffice, while free, is still pretty sucky.

Studying history in Malay makes even the Punic Wars feel like studying… um- Sejarah. Sigh.

I have about 10 minutes to complete my Moral homework before class starts tomorrow. Once again, I left the textbook in school.

Ban parody in Malaysia please

This is important news. (in English)

Once again our fine government has done well to curb these rowdy internet people. As you will notice, the Uncyclopedia article on Malaysia has some extremely dangerous facts on Malaysia. Knowing full well how impressionable Malaysians are, this article could single-handedly destroy the Malaysian youth!

Here are some excerpts from the article. Please DO NOT show these to free-minded people or it could cause a civil war in Malaysia! Seriously.

The timezone of Malaysia is unique because it follows the system of +1/+2 PMT (Predetermined Meeting Time) which is 1 or 2 hours later than PMT.

Obviously blatant lies! Our time zone is +0.5 only.

The best thing about Rojak Language is that, it is so simple. The grammar law is easy to follow.


  • Add “Lah” in the end of every sentence. Bob your head when doing that.
  • Use “maybe”, “can”, “dunno” extensively.
  • Each sentence must consist of more than 3 dialects/languages.
  • If you dont know what to do next just say “OK” and nod your head.

What the hell? I think these orang asing already siao one lah. Where got we do that?

Hypocrisy is the most important part of national culture and any person who is not a hypocrite is labeled a terrorists. Terrorists supposedly make up 2% of country’s population, although their existence has yet to be confirmed.

WHAT? That is ridiculous. We encourage free speech and welcome any suggestions to improve the current system. Except the Opposition of course, they’re opinions are so stupid it’s like they’re terrorists.

I could go on, but I’m sure any right-minded Malaysian could see how damaging this article is. I FULLY ENCOURAGE the censorship of such a site, as it is NO DOUBT a matter of public concern. THERE MUST BE NO PARODIES OF MALAYSIA. Go ahead and make fun of Singapore.

Education Concerns

As it stands now, it seems like my PMR results are going to be quite useless. Oh, if you didn’t know, got 6A’s and a B (for BM). I probably didn’t live up to expectations, but I’m fine with it, and anyone’s who’s disappointed, well too bad for you.

Anyways, it seems my parents would like to send me overseas, or at least to a different school in order for me to do my O-levels or an equivalent. And here’s the dillema : One, I go overseas to a school where I can have top-class O-level education, and transition to A-levels. Two, I switch to a school somewhere here in Malaysia which has O-levels. Or three, I stay in the national syllabus and take my SPM.

Actually, this is a trilemma, not a dilemma. -.-;

If you had three wishes?

What would you wish for if you had three wishes?

World peace?

More wishes?

True love?

Perfect health?


But really, I’m content and selfish enough that I wouldn’t wish for any of those. I think I’d just save them for a rainy day, so that I can live my life knowing if things go drastically wrong it can be righted easily.

Oh fine, I’d go for that and world peace.