Think of a squirrel climbing a tree. And he gets above half way up. Maybe even three-quarters.

Suddenly, the top of the tree come into view. Man it looks ugly. But then the squirrel see another tree, which looks nicer, but at the same time, he doesn’t like leaving the familiarity of the first tree. Nevertheless, he jumps to the next tree.

And he starts from the bottom. But this tree it slippery, and the squirrel never manages to climb up it. And he wants to go back to the first tree, but is unable to. So he tries to scramble up the second tree, but it looks hopeless.

Wow, if you can decipher that metaphor, I bow to you.


Let me tell you a story. Not a particularly interesting one, nor a funny one, nor sad, nor thoughtful. In fact, I’d say it’s really boring, unless for some reason you like hearing a story about how one human who likes gaming has to sit for over a year drooling at the fantastic PC games coming out but not being able to play them, but finally managing to get a graphics card (NVidia Geforce 8500 GT, btw), and playing some of those games at last.

Well, skip the story if you like. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Alright, story over.

Anyways, I played Bioshock, and man was it good. For a while anyways. Then it started to get kinda repetitive. I mean, all you do is perform fetch quests. Over and over again. Imagine this :

Quest :
Go through the door in front of you.

Woo, easy! And then, about 10 metres from the door, poison gas enters, kills all the trees, and for some inexplicable reason, locks up the door until it is completely impenetrable. Thus you are supposed to revive the trees, which somehow is linked to opening the door, but to do so you need to collect 7 samples of Item A, B and X, which can only be found by through a suddenly exposed hole and killing about half an hours worth of enemies before managing to find everything. AND THEN THE FRIGGIN CURE TAKES ANOTHER 5 MINUTES TO WORK, leaving you to survive against a horde of enemies that basically turn up from nowhere (if the exit is blocked and the entrance is barred… never mind).

Rinse, repeat and dry clean.

But now I’ve got Gears of War, critically acclaimed and probably sucky in my eyes. We’ll see.

Hello world!?



What makes for a good first post?


1. Comments about the day – No. I’m much too lazy to stick to a daily schedule. And anyways, it’s 2.28 am and the last 2-and-a-half hours were as exciting as… staying up late.

2. Long-winded article about my thoughts – That can be summarized easily.

“What the hell I wanna go sleep but I’m not sleepy dammit”

3. Emo poem -

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Life is so sad,
And I hate you

Not my forte, that’s for sure.

Nah, this is my first post :

That is all.