You. You Are Annoying (No, Not You)

General Election 2013. We all know what happened; if you don’t, there are plenty of articles, reports and status updates on the Internet which are written by people far cleverer than me. I’m not touching this topic even if you have me a twenty-foot titanium rod and heavy-duty gloves.

One of the many threads running through my head now is a small thing: the youth. We all think, let the grown ups get old, when this generation replaces them, things can only improve. But if there’s anything the last week has shown me, this isn’t really true.

I speak to you. Actually, it’s more like rambling.

You run on emotions. You’re quick to cry out, quick to accuse, quick to do whatever it takes to ensure victory. You don’t think your actions through. You think the most pointless of gestures is a contribution to the country. You preach to the choir. You seek problems, presume guilty before innocence. You are fuelled by emotions.

Please. Learn to be a little colder. Things happen, and you’re not always in control. Don’t waste your precious time and effort, and your fellow friends’ time and effort, with stupid, futile actions. Be logical. Investigate. Be skeptical of everything. Understand your enemy. Understand thoroughly who you support.

And stop complaining. Please.

Obviously I’m not talking about you specifically, dear reader. After all, you are never guilty of these things, right? It’s the other people who need to improve.

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