Broken Fruit

So two Saturdays ago (yes Sunday came afterwards), when I was trying to show off a Youtube video, my Macbook Pro crashed hard. It wouldn’t boot Mac OS, although it could boot Windows after about 10 minutes, and with a 30-second delay on every mouse click. It was time to test Apple’s service.

I brought my computer in on the following Monday. The diagnosis was either a faulty hard disk or faulty cable. It turned out to be the hard disk so they replaced it and (kindly) returned the old disk in case I ever needed the date on it. But the repair cost was horrendous: £144 for the replacement of a hard disk and service charge! Absolutely ridiculous. Luckily I bought the extended warranty (Applecare Protection Plan, because “extended warranty” doesn’t sound fancy enough) so it was all free.

But the best part: they called me up two hours later to pick up the laptop, even though they said it’d take a few days. :D Awesome service time, I’m glad someone spent 15 minutes quickly changing the hard drive.

But of course, in the world of computers, problems keep on arising. First problem: since it’s a new disk, every bit of data was wiped. Luckily I had backups of my Mac side, so that was fine, but my entire Windows system was wiped completely. I lost all ~200 replays of SC2 :(

And of course, as a gamer I had to install Windows, or else I might fall ill from boredom. As I put in the Windows DVD, my DVD drive began to rebel. It started making a ‘whirrrrrrrr whiiiiiirrrrrr WHIIIIRRRRRRR whiiirrrr…..’ sound which then repeated every 10 seconds for 5 minutes. It also refused to eject the disk until it finally gave up and stopped whirring, whereupon it spit out the disk and complained about how empty it was.

Thing was, it wasn’t empty, as it was perfectly fine on other laptops. So I spent the entire afternoon trying to install windows without actually using my DVD drive, first by trying to use other laptops’ DVD drives to remote install, and then trying to install by ripping the image file and using Parallels or VMware Fusion. I must have wasted at least four hours and after I gave up my Sunday went from OK to bleh.

So today I went to the Apple Store again and they replaced the drive in an hour, after telling me it would take several days. Oh, and they would have charged me £94 if it wasn’t under warranty.

I don’t know what to say, Apple. On the one hand, you fix things so quickly that I can’t help but admire your efficiency. On the other hand, you would have charged me £238 for two really simple repairs. And your hardware failed me twice in a week.

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