Solar-powered Carbon Extractor

Today in class I suddenly had a brilliant idea for a new invention:

Make a cheap, portable small box with a solar panel on the top. Inside the box make a little machine which extracts carbon from carbon dioxide (I don’t care how, make it cheap and simple). Now the box spouts out oxygen and deposits carbon inside a little waste box which you can clean every month or so. All for free since it’s solar powered.

Then I noticed a fatal problem: this already exists.

It’s called a plant.

7 thoughts on “Solar-powered Carbon Extractor”

    1. Damn. 800M 760V minimum. I always knew I wa9#n&3s;t actually that smart, but this confirms it! Or is Steve Hsu just biased against us High V Low M folks?I believe there are a lot more high math scores than high verbal scores. Many more people score perfect on the math section than the verbal section every year.

    1. C’est exactement ce que je me disais. Combien sont payés les mecs qui font ce genre d’études? Financées par qui? Parce que bon, quand je vois l’utilité publique de cet article, et le besoin de créer de l’emploi nécessaire en France, je me dis que merde, il faudrait que je me renseigne où postuler pour travailler sur ce genre de projet…

  1. Grammar Error:"Does this article have an excessive amount of ads that distract from or interfere with the main content?"…an excessive number of ads…or … an excessive amount of adavetising…Countrble noun error.

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