Fun Times

Sorry for neglecting this little blog. I’ve been busy/lazy, i.e. being myself, over the last 2 weeks.

SPM finished. Overall, I’d say that it was exactly as I expected, the hard papers being hard and the easy papers being easy. Only thing which surprised me was the difficulty of Add Maths paper 2 which was quite a bit tougher than I thought.

After SPM, here’s a chronicle of what happened:

Tuesday: Chemistry exams over! We went to 1 Utama to watch New Moon. I regret typing this; I suddenly remembered the really, really long 2 hours of the movie. New Moon is definitely a movie made literally just for teenage girls, and nobody else. People like me who go to watch cool vampires and werewolves to fight it out will just hate hate hate the way they make those scenes about 3 minutes long but somehow spin a lovey-dovey conversation to about 10 minutes. Mind-numbing.

8 of us watched the movie, then we met up with a bunch of other 5M students who also watched New Moon, but at the other cinema. We ate dinner at  Italliannies. Then we walked around the mall aimlessly.

Wednesday: Stuff happened. Lovely stuff.

Thursday: I got a hair cut, but otherwise, absolutely nothing happened. I wish this would happen more often.

Friday: At 6.30pm, I went to a college pre-departure briefing. I hoped to get some good info about the UK, but there was no time. I had to rush over to the Sime Darby Convention Centre at 8pm to receive an award (top scorer in Malaysia for a chemistry quiz :P. I don’t think I even remembered about the quiz until the day itself and I sure as hell didn’t study for it). Mr. Yow came too; I’ll repost two of my tweets to explain what happened:

Story me the night! Right now i’m heading to a chemistry awards night. Mr. Yow also invited. I just called him to ask him if he’s there yet.

He thought it was on the 19th. It’s fun to hear him suddenly panic when i told him it starts in about 15 minutes ^.^

Who calls an event "Malam Kimia"? It just sounds stupid.
Who calls an event "Malam Kimia"? It just sounds stupid.

The award came with a nice cert and RM200. Probably the best award I ever received because this one has money.

Then afterwards I had to go again to another function, this time a dinner party hosted by the EDGE. To make it short: It was funnier and better than I thought, and it ended at 11pm.

Saturday: Colleges and universities in the UK require that I take an English exam to test my m4d 3ngli5h 5k11lS. The one I sat was called the IELTS. It started at 8.45am. When my dad woke me up at 8.23am, I did this in 23 minutes:

  • Wake up and not feel groggy.
  • Brush my teeth.
  • Wash my hair which looked like a porcupine.
  • Look for my IELTS stuff.
  • Change clothes.
  • Run downstairs.
  • Get into the car while putting on my shoes.
  • Eat breakfast in the car.
  • Wait for the car to reach Corus Hotel in the middle of KL.
  • RUN to the hall.

I arrived at 8.45am and entered the hall at 8.46am. Any later and they wouldn’t have let me in.

The exam itself wasn’t hard at all.

After the exam, I came home. I did nothing the whole day and I’m pretty happy about that. Then I got bored and decided to update my blog.

Interesting, no?


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