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Well! Some people tend to change their blogs now and then, some change theirs every month, some change it so often that I get sick of following them. Of course, there are some who just stick to one blog forever, and to those people I’m so grateful. You make my life easier.

But… I’m changing my blog! For a really long time I’ve been using Blogger, because it’s just so easy and simple to use. Plus I think I was 12/13 (?) when I started my first blog a long  time ago. I don;t even remember what that was about.

A little history about the blog. The major blog I’ve been updating for the past year (or two? Three? I don’t remember) was hosted on Blogger. I think everyone knows Blogger. Most people opened their first blogs there. It’s simple, it’s free, and it was something like “OMGWTF I get to have which has my name in it! So cool!” So that’s what I used, and that’s what I liked for a really long time.

As time passed though, a few things really become annoying to me. I nitpicked about certain small details. For example, Blogger only gives you 1GB of space for pictures. Seems like quite a lot, but that’s only if you automatically resize the photos you  upload. Doing so you could hold lots and lots of pictures, but I’m always thinking, “What if I ran out of space? Do I have to delete old photos?” Probably the answer is yes, and I cannot bear deleting historical stuff. If you look at my harddrive, I try to save every photo I take, no matter how irrelevant. I don’t know why, it’s just one of my idiosyncrasies.

Even worse, I really like uploading high-resolution stuff. Even when resized reasonably, that’s about 1MB per picture, in total about 1000 pictures only. I can’t really live with that.

So I decided to use Photobucket. I think everyone knows that too. Unlimited storage! But that leads to different problems. Stuff like having to copy the link of every picture and manually setting a fixed size so that it wouldn’t overstretch the layout, stuff like that. It’s really, really annoying for some reason.

So, what to do? I wasn’t sure, but then Raina told me about Tumblr, which looked pretty awesome. But a short while later I realised it wasn’t for blogging, it’s more like Twitter. The layouts were nice, but you really couldn’t customise your post too well. Stuff like adding pictures to posts and editing the HTML of the post was just plain annoying. So, what next?

I was looking at WordPress. Probably the best of all, but if I took their free service I’d again be limited by storage space and all that stuff. But you can download WordPress (it’s open source) and use it on your own website, making it truely your own blog. I liked that.

Which means, how would I host my own website? What hosting company should I use? Above everything, it needs to be cheap. I’d be spending my dad’s money if I wanted to host my own website. Shopping around, the cheapest I could find was something like USD4.99 a month. RM200 a year.


It’s actually not a lot if you think about it, for a whole year. But still, I’m quite reluctant to dish out TWO HUNDRED BUCKS a year, especially if it’s not my own money. Find something cheaper… Interesting. It’s pay as you use, so the more you use, the more you pay, but also the less you use the less you pay. I like it :O

So how much would it cost? Looking at the pricing structure, I think it’s about 30-40 US a year. That’s on average RM100 a year. I think I can convince my dad to approve of that. After all, this is more like a hobby to me. We all spend some money on our hobbies… I think mine is pretty cheap for a hobby.

Last night, I signed up, deposited some money and promptly spent close to two hours trying to make sense of what a MsSQL database is. This morning, I uploaded all the WordPress files into the server, and a few minutes later, voila, it works!

Of course, I think the definite coolest part about the whole thing is this:

(Yes, it’s centered because it’s awesome)

I have a website! A fully functioning website I can call my own. That is made of plain awesome.

So, what does this mean now? A few things. My Blogger and Tumblr accounts will now be updated anymore. Almost more than likely if you’re seeing this on my old blogs, it’s the second-to-last post I’ll be putting up. Update your links accordingly, please :)

If you’re reading this from the new link, this is a pretty detailed first post, isn’t it?

I also imported all the old posts into WordPress. I’m not starting anew, I’m just making a New Old Blog.

Another thing. The new blog will be under construction for a long, long time. I really want to customise the blog, but it’s SPM season now. That means I’ve wasted close to 4 hours on something relatively useless. If I have free time (and I’m not playing a game, (TF2 is really fun)), I’ll be tinkering around with themes, plugins and stuff. The site might go down without warning since it’s based on a prepaid system and I didn’t credit it with that much money yet. The layout might change everytime you visit, or not at all. I don’t know what will happen.

It’s an interesting new journey from here on.

2 thoughts on “New Old Blog”

  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    u paid more than 2 cents for smthing very similar to a free blog……

    1. It’s not about the blog, it’s about the website. I can do anything with this website. Not just the wordpress blog, but anything.

      Also it’s quite fun to learn about the strange, strange stuff while building a website.

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