Back From A Coma

If you’ve been following my life carefully, and I mean really following me, as in stalking me from a window in the house opposite mine, because you probably aren’t, unless I see you in school, just before the SPM exams, or maybe after, and told you about this, or you’re one of my family, then you’d know that the Internets™ in my house has been pretty terrible lately. This post is partially to explain and complain about Streamyx, and also to illustrate why sentences can often be confusing.

Back up to three weeks ago or so. Basically, our Streamyx connection suddenly went dead in the morning. Anyone who used Streamyx will tell you that this is a pretty common event, so we weren’t unduly worried. But the outage lasted pretty long, until the evening. Then it went back up.

This happened again the next day. I called Streamyx up, followed their instructions to no avail. Then at about 6pm it started working again.

Rinse and repeat intermittently. About 3 or 4 days week this would happen. My mum eventually got fed up (no internet means no Farmville) so she went into angry consumerism mode and started scolding the Streamyx helpline people. Poor them, but Streamyx really does deserve it. Their customer service is abominable. Really, really abominable.

Throughout that period, I think collectively we phoned streamyx about 10-12 times, and every single time they failed to resolve the problem. THen each time they would “file a report” and assure us that they would contact us within two days. Never happened.

Then three days ago something much worse happened where our connection went down and never came back out. Called streamyx again, went thorugh their troubleshooting again, but of course, as the last 10 times, nothing worked. So my mum called up streamyx again (again) and basically threatened to destroy the entire world if they didn’t even try to fix it.

Because, really, just send someone over to our house and check the connection. Is it really that hard?

The poor person behind the phone finally assured us that our problem will now be set to Level 2. Three weeks after our first report. Great. Also assured us that they would fix the problem that day.

No phone call arrived, the internet was still down and everyone was generally bored. Next day was Saturday, so they definitely weren’t working that day. For me, it meant playing some single-player games (Oblivion and Trine) and semi-studying Moral for 48 boring hours. Don’t be jealous.

Today! Mathematics SPM. I came home, and there was a parked TMNet car (it’s a pretty cute car) in the driveway. Yay! When I came home, apparently what had gone wrong is that some settings had been changed in the router. Somehow, the setting was resetted to the Singapore default, instead of the one Streamyx used.

Hmm. That explains why we couldn’t connect for the weekend. But how about the intermittent connection the past few weeks? Why is it that sometimes it’s connectable, and sometimes it’s not? The guys had to admit they didn’t know. They asked me to monitor the situation and of course, report it to them if it doesn’t work.

So, what was the point of the post? Not really sure, maybe I’m just happy to be back on the Internet, typing up random things on my mind. Whatever it is, I really should be revising Moral. But I’ll check Twitter and Facebook first.

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