A King’s Throne

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to a tour of epic proportions. Today, you will get the chance to see a truly magnificent wonder, one of the Seven Wonders of the World*. And if you look on your right, just past that pyramid, it’s about to come in to view…

Stop the bus please.

Now look closely at the conveniently placed number signs. At Number 1, we have a cozy jar of water, ready for use at anytime. You can just imagine how useful a jug of water is beside a table, not ever getting thirsty.

Now numero duo, and we see a handphone. A Sony Ericsson** W850i, easily accessible should a message/call arrive. Then of course, number 3, a computer screen, which is rather useless. As is number 4. Number 5 is a miracle of modern engineering, a magnificent wooden desktop, made by the exclusive and extremely expensive designers Ikea. You can only imagine how much this is worth these days, almost priceless***.

Now number 6, a book.


At 7, we have a holding device that complements the first machine, designed solely for its purpose to hold liquified dihydrogen monoxide.

Eight is the best game ever****.

At number 9, we have probably the most pathetic item on the structure, a mere hundred dollar gaming mouse. That’s right folks, he only spent a mere hundred dollars, and considering the pricelessness***** of the other artifacts, it only makes you wonder why the owner even placed it there in the first place.

Finally, at number te- i mean zero, a comfortable chair. A real nice touch to the scenery.

Well, i hope you folks enjoyed the tour. Sorry, no refunds.

* Seventh from the bottom.
** Not sponsored by them. Really.
*** Literally.
**** Still not sponsored.
***** Yes, priceless. Figure it out.

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